Here at Inviting Concepts, we absolutely LOVE wax seals! They are so versatile and can be used for so many stationery items including invitations, vellum wraps, pocketfolds, envelopes, place cards, table plans and more.

And now, following numerous requests, we are delighted to offer house wax seals, Artisaire sealing wax and Artisaire wax seal stamps as stand alone products.

We have a wide range of designs available including phrases in elegant and fun fonts, florals, botanicals, monograms and more.  So you will be sure to find the perfect seal or stamp for your occasion or event. If you are business owner, we can even supply you with your own company wax seals for use on your packaging and stationery items.

We have a wide range of beautiful colours to choose from with 13 colours in our house collection and 12 colours in the luxury Artisaire range.

What is Artisaire?

Artisaire is a luxury wax seal company based in Canada. Their sealing wax is a dream to work with and comes in a range of colours that are not available anywhere else (believe me, we’ve spent hours looking!). We have chosen our favourite colours to bring to you but other colours are available for special order upon request. 

Their wax predominantly has a matt finish which I personally prefer as it gives more definition to the stamped image.

Artisaire work in collaboration with internationally renowned artists to offer beautiful and intricately designed wax seal stamps. You can choose any of our Artisaire stamps to form part of your invitation suite when purchasing your stationery from us, or you can buy the stamp to make your own wax seals for personal use. 


How do I secure the wax seals to my items?

All of our seals come with a strong, peel and seal adhesive backing for easy attachment.

Will the wax seals break?

No. Our wax seals are made from flexible sealing wax which will not break like traditional wax formulas.

I want to use the wax seals on envelopes which will be sent in the mail. Are they suitable for posting?

The wax seals have a very strong adhesive backing which means that they won’t come off in the post. However, they may become marked or scuffed so to ensure they arrive in perfect condition, we recommend that you place your envelope in an outer envelope before posting.

What is your minimum order?

There is a minimum order quantity of 30 seals (3 packs) per colour. 

Can I mix and match designs to achieve the minimum quantity?

Yes. You can order smaller quantities of different designs provided that they are all in the same colour and the total quantity is 30 or more.

When ordering, the quantity automatically defaults to the minimum of 30 (3 packs) so you will need to order the total you require as 1 design. Then simply complete the notes box to tell us what your order should be comprised of.

E.g. You want 40 wedding invitation, 20 evening invitation and 10 menu wax seals. Your total seals are 70 so you should order 70 (7 packs) of wedding invitation seals and add a note such as ‘please send 40 wedding invitation seals, 20 evening and 10 menu’.

If you require additional designs that meet the minimum quantity requirement, you will need to order these separately. So, if in the example above, you also require 30 RSVP seals, simply order from the relevant page, don’t add to the ‘mix and match’ order.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Due to the wide range of wax seals on offer, it is not possible to stock each design in every colour so all our wax seals are made to order. Turnaround times can vary but as a guide, we aim to complete your order within 2 – 5 days if your colour is in stock, or 5 – 10 days if we need to order in the wax. You can then choose for the seals to be sent to you by either 1st or 2nd class post.

How much will it cost for delivery?

Great news! Wax seals, sealing wax and wax seal stamps are much lighter to post than stationery items so we will apply different (and more favourable) postage costs to stand alone wax seal orders. Please see our delivery information for more details.

I have seen a wax seal on one of your stationery designs but I can’t find it to order. How can I order it?

If the seal is one from the Artisaire range, it is not possible to order as a stand alone item and you would need to purchase the stamp to make your own seals (see licensing terms below). We have also reserved some of our wax seal designs solely for our own use. All the wax seals that are available for purchase are currently listed so if the design you like is not there, it will not be possible to order. Sorry!

Can I buy a stamp to make my own wax seals?

Yes, we are now delighted to be an approved reseller of Artisaire wax seal stamps and sealing wax. However, Artisaire stamps are restricted to personal use only under Artisaire’s licensing terms and conditions. They may not be used for commercial purposes.

I am a business owner. Can you supply me with my own branded wax seals? 

Yes we can. But firstly you will need to send us your artwork so that we can check that it is suitable for engraving. The artwork should be sent as a high resolution image at 300 DPI in EPS, Ai or PDF format. Please send to before placing your order.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any help to prepare your artwork.

There will be an additional one-off charge for the wax seal stamp needed to make your seals which we will retain for future orders. Alternatively, we can send the stamp to you if you prefer. 

I am a stationer myself. Can I use your house wax seals in my own commercial projects for clients?

Yes you can. But your overall design must differ substantially from any of the stationery designs on offer from Inviting Concepts. You must also credit the design of the wax seal to Inviting Concepts on your website, Etsy/Ebay shop or other sales platform. Credit need not be given for our baby feet, monstera or palm trees wax seals as these stamps or graphics used to produce the stamps, were purchased from a third party.