Artisaire French Botany Wax Seal Stamp

Beautiful floral stamp to create the perfect seals for weddings. From the luxury wax seal company, Artisaire.

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Genuine Genevieve Wax Seal Stamp by Artisaire in collaboration with Emma Allen Design Studio

Inviting Concepts is an authorised reseller of Artisaire stamps and sealing wax

Premium brass die improves heat control which reduces stickiness
Wooden handle made from a FSCĀ® certified Hard Maple
Laser engraved for precise and beautiful artwork
Brass die face is 1" in diameter
Made with an uncoated brass to preserve the integrity of the impression as the stamp ages. The die will develop a natural patina, and can be cleaned with a simple jewellery cloth for brass.


Personal Use
There are no limitations for personal use of this product. You may use this to embellish any item you would like, and have permission to share your works that use this product on Social Media.

Business Use
You may use this product to embellish items for sale, packaging, and marketing materials. You may not use a wax stamp with this design to make and sell wax seals.
For example - you may use wax seals or a wax stamp with this design to embellish invitations and place cards you sell in your shop, website or marketplaces like Etsy. However, you may not use the wax stamp to make wax seals to sell in your shop, website, or marketplaces.